Children's book publishing is a complex world. Let me help you navigate it.




I believe bringing further diverse voices to this industry is essential; kids have a right to see themselves reflected in the books we create for them.

Conversely, bringing a range of voices into contemporary young people's literature provides an opportunity for young people to get experience with people, places and circumstances they may never otherwise encounter.

I welcome stories of all kinds.


  • Need a publishing strategy? Not sure whether to publish traditionally or indie?
  • Want a publishing insider to review your manuscript and help you develop it into its best self?
  • Have a finished manuscript and want a second set of eyes to determine what comes next?

I offer a range of services for anyone looking to publish for the children's market.


Jill Saginario / Pickle Ink 

Jill Saginario / Pickle Ink 

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  • A current publishing professional and enthusiastic member of the children's book publishing field.
  • Deeply knowledgeable about the children's and young adult market. I've worked for independent publishers and large houses.
  • A bachelor’s degree-holder in English with a minor in editing/publishing.
  • A lifelong bookseller, working in independent bookstores large (ahem, Powell's City of Books) and small (lookin' at you, Papercuts J.P.!) and several in between.


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers (Boston, MA)

Erin Murphy Literary Agency (Flagstaff, AZ)

Candlewick Press (Cambridge, MA)