Praise for Pickle Ink / Jill Saginario

copyright carol chu

copyright carol chu

"Jill's insights and suggestions show that she has a keen understanding of the children's book industry, and what it takes to make a good book great! She quickly honed in on areas needing attention and prioritized her feedback, which I found immensely useful."
- Bonnie J. Fladung, author

"Jill is great to work with! I appreciate her thorough research when providing feedback. She is dedicated to providing top-notch service!"
- G. Johnson, author and publisher of Knew Books

"When I hired Jill, I thought I was getting an editor but what I got was a partner. Someone who not only excelled at her craft but wanted to work with me to make the best possible book.

From here on out there is no way I can work with anyone else. Not after witnessing what it is like to work with Jill and bring my book to the next level."

- E.V. Fairfall, author of the Sleeping Tom series


Guess the famous room! @NYPL

Guess the famous room! @NYPL

"After researching for months for an editor for my first children’s book, I reached out to numerous editors. From the beginning, Jill provided guidance  on how the process would work. She answered my questionnaire and provided me with a synopsis of her work before I even made up my mind to hire her.

We discussed over the phone any questions I had, and she provided me with detailed concerns she had about my book, but never told me I had to change a sentence. Jill's work is meticulous and her ability to track changes helped me through the process. From the developmental process, her thought provoking questions helped me realize her actions were only made to improve my book and make the process easier. Jill also provided me with a written outline of what to expect on each pass once I completed it.  

It was like working with a friend, but, she was analytically honest about my work, which only made me a better writer and storyteller.

I give Jill five stars."

- Ray Tillman, author

"I have employed Jill for numerous freelance assignments and have been pleased with every single one. She is one of those rare people for whom you can give an assignment and know that she will undertake it in the upmost professional way. You feel 100% confident that she will deliver on-time and execute to the highest level expected.
She is highly knowledgeable about the industry. She also probes and asks relevant questions that help guide the project in a much-needed directed way. She is also super-responsive, friendly and just all-around great to work with.
I almost hesitate to give her a recommendation as I’d like to have her work for me exclusively!"

- Tracy Quinn McLennon, TQM Communications

"I was lucky enough to find Jill in my search for an excellent editor. 
She not only explained the process clearly but served a guiding light into the industry. 
She responded to all of my questions in record time, and stayed true to her schedule once she outlined the process.

I purchased the full package and I couldn't be happier. It included two rounds of serious edits and copyediting. 
Within a short period, my manuscript was up to tip top shape, and I was confidently querying agents.
Highly recommended!"

- Michael Alman, author

"I’ve found Jill to be an invaluable reader...her work at HMH and as a bookseller has given her a true sense of what makes a book stand out and sparkle as well as what makes for literary – and commercial – legs. I can depend on her to consider all of the important micro to macro elements of a manuscript: from character development and pacing to tension, voice, and beyond."

- Kate O'Sullivan, Executive Editor at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers

"Jill is a smart, thoughtful reader with real insights into plot and character. Efficient, effective, and highly recommended!"

- Ammi-Joan Paquette, author and Senior Agent at Erin Murphy Literary Agency